December 18, 2019 3 min read

There will be a time when your car will need some accessories to be replaced and you’ll need to choose between either OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket accessories - which is the reason why this article guide will help you understand every bit of information regarding the same. For a new or even a veteran vehicle owner, sometimes it can be difficult to decide between the two options when so many different accessories are available in the current market.

The following are some of the brilliant merits that you can enjoy by opting for aftermarket car accessories, with the help of car accessories Melbourne services.

Absolute Advantages Of Buying Aftermarket Car Accessories

1. More Choices At Your Disposal

When you’ll be replacing your old car accessory with a new OEM accessory, you’ll only obtain the same accessory with almost similar specifications when your car was originally assembled with, when it was first constructed. When it comes to aftermarket accessories, it’s slightly different because the variety is huge in this regard.

You'll have the option to choose from a huge range of accessories - all having differences in terms of price and quality. Thereby, you can proceed to buy higher-quality accessories (if your budget permits) or proceed with a lower quality accessory, in case you don't want to spend too much. Aftermarket components will have a lot of options for you especially when it comes to Ford Ranger suspension accessories.

Furthermore, such aftermarket accessories also tend to be available more easily at most car body shops, whereas you can find OEM accessories at a specific shop or dealership in your town or locality.

Moreover, in the case of OEM accessories, if the specific accessory that you’re looking for is very high in demand or scarcely available, then you’ll most probably need to pre-order the same, which is not the case for aftermarket accessories due to its sheer variability and availability.

2. Better Than OEM Accessories

It needs to be noted that over the last couple of years, the overall reputation of aftermarket accessories have improved drastically because of the increase in the overall quality of the accessories compared to the OEM ones. There are currently many reputable companies out there who are selling better-constructed aftermarket accessories than OEM ones.

However, it's suggested that you do your research on the same before buying an aftermarket accessory. But, if you buy from reputable companies, you can be sure that the accessory will be reliable, strong and sturdy, without a shadow of a doubt.

3. Such Accessories Are Cheaper

It needs to be remembered and noted that OEM accessories more expensive than aftermarket ones. It has been already reported that OEM accessories will cost 60 percent more in value over an aftermarket one - both having almost the same specifications and quality to boot.

Therefore, depending upon your actual use case scenario and your requirements, you can easily save a lot of money by going with an aftermarket accessory, with the help of suspension specialist Melbourne services.

4. Better Support

While purchasing OEM accessories generally gets you good support directly from the manufacturer, but sometimes such manufacturers couldn’t provide comparable support due to limited presence in the area it’s selling its parts. Such a problem can arise due to less number of retailers and distributors selling OEM accessories for that particular car manufacturer.

Such a case is not applicable to aftermarket accessories. When it comes to aftermarket brands or companies, you can always be sure to obtain better support because of its wide availability. You need not have to worry about the warranty or guarantee support.