Most Probable Reasons For Coolant Leaks In Your Vehicle!

April 01, 2021 3 min read

Do you know that your car’s efficiency and smooth working is highly dependent upon one major factor? Yes, it is the engine. And this engine works perfectly if the temperature of the same is normal! But imagine if the engine starts heating drastically! Obviously, you’ll be scared of your car’s wellbeing too! That is why keeping an eye on this very component becomes so very important. And when we say the wellbeing of an engine, it is highly dependent on the coolant that you add to the vehicle. And this should be in the right temperature so as to assure that everything is fine in the car. Nothing goes wrong here until you find the coolant leaking!

Common reasons behind the leaking coolant of your car!

Mostly a car runs perfectly if it’s very crucial parts like the engine, the turbosmart valves, and the surge tanks are healthy. However, when even any one of them shows issues, you’ll find a direct effect on the car’s heating system. And the clear sign that says that your vehicle’s temperature isn’t normal is the leaking coolant! Yes, the muddle of coolant found below your vehicle is warning you of some other serious issues that you definitely shouldn’t ignore.
Problems in the radiator — All your car’s parts come with a certain life span. But often they do even wear down before time due to some issues. Like a hole in your radiator for instance! Or if your hoses give away. Or there might be some other issues in your radiator. And the obvious result of all these issues can be leaking coolant in your car!
Leaking radiator cap — Are you underestimating the radiator cap? Well, the radiator cap does appear small, but it has a very big job. It provides a tight seal on the radiator which consequently prevents leaking of the coolant. But if the seal or spring of this cap is broken or wears out over time, you'll find the leakages happening too frequently in your vehicle.
The water pump leakage — Your water pump is very essential that circulates the coolant in the entire system. This is driven by a belt and is connected to the hose of the radiator. However, if this pump shows leakages, even the coolant leaks while being circulated to the other parts of the engine.
Problems in your surge tank — One of the most ignored parts of your car’s engine is the surge tank. This tank is responsible and designed to store the overflow of the coolant from your radiator and the engine. But if the hose of this tank wears out or the rubber gets loose, the coolant will definitely leak. You should get your surge tank and its hose inspected in this case. And if there’s a replacement required, get good quality surge tanks from Status Performance Products. They have all the essential products required for the betterment of your vehicle in the best quality. These are the primary and main issues which often cause the coolant to leak from your vehicle. Apart from these there can be a problem in your head gasket or a tremendous issue in your expansion tank. Whatsoever the issue is, remember not to deal with these kinds of problems on your own and contact a professional car mechanic to review the situation in detail before acting appropriately.