Improve your Ford Everest's off-road capability with a 2" BILSTEIN LIFT KIT that lets you tackle the most challenging terrain and go further into deep scrub.
It offers a 2" lift which not only gives you the extra ground clearance and visibility but also expands the wheel well clearance to let you install bigger tyres.

The fact that Ford Everest is powered by a 3.2L Duratorq motor makes it a top choice for off-road adventures worldwide. If you are a proud owner of Ford Everest, looking to test its off-road potential, we can help you make the most of this thrilling experience.

Our 2" lift kit includes two front struts, two rear shocks and front and rear coil springs. It's a complete ready-to-install kit. And HPW's in-house suspension specialists are here to provide the installation to the best standards.

This lift kit has demonstrated incredible durability and performance over time. Not only is it tried and tested, but also trusted by off-road enthusiasts across the board.
Place your order online and have this lift kit delivered safely to your address. If you need an installation expert, give us a call to book an appointment.

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