Ford Ranger Suspensions in Melbourne

HPW Motor Sports is a one-stop shop for buying Ford Ranger suspensions in Melbourne as well as a wide range of accessories, which are designed to perform under the harshest driving conditions.

We offer wheels, suspensions, tyres and many other accessories under one roof. You bring your Ford Ranger to us in stock condition, and you leave with a vehicle that looks aggressive and drives better in the outback or wherever you take it to.

Bigger wheels and tyres bring out the 'beast' in your Ford Ranger. We have a wide range of steel and alloy rims to choose from, plus body-coloured flares to go with wider tyres. For those of you who want to fit excessively large tyres on your Ford Ranger, we provide a complete lift kit to make room for wheels measuring up to 20".

We also provide a complete package which cost you less as compared to individual purchases. And it’s a huge respite that our experts offer a 100% fitment guarantee on all parts that we sell.

Browse through our products, place your order and have it shipped to your address. Need help with the purchase of Ford Range suspensions in Melbourne? Call us to get the best recommendations as per your needs and budget.

Buy Ford Ranger Lift Kit Online

When you need more ground clearance for a bumpy ride in the outback or extra wheel well radius to accommodate bigger tyres, a lift kit is everything you need.

Our lift kits are hard to beat, no matter how challenging the off-road terrain may be. And if you really want to see how they perform under extreme pressure, try rock crawling. But when you are driving for pleasure, on the streets or highway, these lift kits make your Ford Ranger a head-turner with unmatched road presence.

You can buy Ford Ranger lift kit online for a highly competitive price. If you have a way with tools and know how to use the right amount of elbow grease, these lift kits are easy to install. Or you can have our experts do it for you.