For your off-road adventures, you need tyres that let you glide over potholes and offer superior traction on muddy slopes. And you don't want to be stuck anywhere in deep scrub.

HPW Motor Sports presents a 'wide' range of Fuel all terrain tyres for various models and makes.

The protruding grip on these tyres takes a bite out of terrain, yet gives you a surprisingly quiet ride as you hit the tarmac. These tyres score highly on wet, dry and snow grip and tread wear, which means you get maximum comfort, minimum noise and longer life.

The aggressive styling puts you in the limelight wherever you go, whether on the streets or in the outback. The high-void tread with a stiff sidewall prevents bruises and punctures, which let you drive with confidence.

HPW Motor Sports is an all-terrain tyre specialist for dual-cabs and modern SUVs. You can choose from various tyre specs according to your budget and driving preferences. Or simply let us know what do you need the tyres for, and get the best recommendation coming from our years of experience.

For genuine Fuel all terrain tyres, HPW Motor Sports offers the best price. Place your order now to have your tyres delivered at your doorstep. Or visit our workshop for the purchase and same-day installation.

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