Make your 4WD vehicle off-road ready with the right set of tyres that gives you maximum traction and confidence to drive on all terrains.

HPW Motor Sports offers a wide selection of Fuel tyres available in R17 and R20 profiles to choose from. The Gripper range features a 3-layer carcass design that gives you better stability and impact resistance. And when you are rock crawling, the shoulder block design offers sufficient lateral grip, so you are never stuck.
Talking about the tread pattern, the large, deep grooves offer higher wear resistance and better grip. And when you hit the asphalt, the small sipes design keeps the noise in check.

When you are testing your vehicle's potential against the toughest terrain, wheel damage is a common occurrence. But not when you are riding on Fuel Gripper tyres, which protect the rims from shock damage.

HPW Motor Sports provides tyre installation service, followed by wheel alignment and balancing to make sure there's no room for error. And you get the superior off-road driving experience you deserve.

We ship Fuel Gripper tyres Australia-wide. Place your order now.

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