Nissan Navara Lift Kits

Driving a Nissan Navara in the outback definitely makes you feel powerful and on top of the world. And being a proud owner, you shouldn't just stop here because this Japanese pick-up truck has a lot more to be explored about it.

If you'd like to put your Nissan Navara to test on the most challenging off-road terrains, having extra ground clearance would help a great deal. The easiest way to achieve that? Nissan Navara lift kits.

At HPW Motor Sports, we can give your Nissan Navara up to a four-inch lift with compatible lift kits installed to the recommended specifications. These lift kits not only give you more ground clearance but also widen up the wheel wells to make room for bigger tyres.

With these lift kits, the handling feels exactly the same as before, and despite the increased ground clearance, you won't feel the body roll any differently. When it comes to adjusting the ride height, we give you a choice between stiffer and softer springs to suit your driving preference.

Buy top-quality Nissan Navara lift kits from HPW Motor Sports and enjoy your off-road escapades like never before.

Buy Nissan Navara Suspension Lift Kits in Melbourne

Lift your Nissan Navara higher off the ground with suspension lift kits that offer sheer driving pleasure both on and off-road. But wait, there's more.

Be it extra ground clearance or gearing up for an outback adventure with additional weight in the rear, this Nissan Navara lift kit is designed to give you the off-road advantage you need.

Our lift kit is comprised of high-performance shock absorbers. And with robust springs matched to the rear and front weight, this lift kit is the best upgrade you can get for your Nissan Navara.

Also, these lift kits come with an adjustable control arm assembly that allows for proper front and rear wheel alignment.

Not only are we a trusted supplier of lift kits, but we can also install one on your Nissan Navara, calibrated to your driving preference. Give us a call to enquire about our installation services.