As a proud owner of Toyota Fortuner, you'd agree that it's one of the most reliable and powerful SUVs for its price. If you love to take it for a spin in the outback, let your love of off-road driving grow stronger and deeper with this lift kit.

A lift kit lets you customize your vehicle to off-road specs. For instance, if you want oversized tyres for your Toyota Fortuner, the lift kit creates the extra room. They also increase the ground clearance so that you can glide over unsurfaced terrain without scraping the bumper or the underbelly of the car.

HPW Motor Sports provides a 2" BILSTEIN LIFT KIT for Toyota Fortuner and other Toyota models built on the same platform.

Toyota Fortuner is a wonderful car, but its stock version may not be able to take on off-road challenges. And there are chances that you will end up incurring damages. However, a beefed up Fortuner with increased ground clearance should give you the confidence to drive through potholes and negotiate uneven terrain and slopes.

We also provide professional installation service to let your lift kit perform to its max potential. If you live far away from our workshop, we recommend you choose an experienced suspension specialist in your area to perform the installation.

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