If you want to muscle up your Triton MQ and make it off-road ready, you need bigger and wider tyres to start with. And to accommodate these tyres, lift kit installation is essential.

HPW Motor Sports provides a 2" lift kit that gives you the extra ground clearance and makes your ride look beefier than before.

Lift kits are an essential off-road accessory for your Mitsubishi Triton because you can't let the limited capabilities of stock suspensions sabotage your driving experience.

We provide 2" BILSTEIN LIFT KIT FOR MITSUBISHI TRITON MQ that gives your ride the necessary lift needed for all-terrain adventures. Not only is it practical, but also enhances your vehicle’s visual appeal.

When you are out and about in the off-road areas, a lift kit gives you a better view of the potential dangers ahead so you can steer clear or apply brakes on time.

When it comes to installation, you need to be cautious because these parts are expensive, and you don't want to entrust an amateur with the job. Therefore, it is recommended to have only experienced suspension specialist perform the installation.

Buy this 2" lift kit for your Triton MQ, and let our experts at HPW Motor Sports install it to your satisfaction and safety standards.