Wheel Packages

A shiny set of wheels combined with high-performance tyres is a great way to make your dual-cab stand out from the crowd.

And when there are options galore, HPW Motors helps you choose the right set which looks stunning and feels safe with improved handling – exactly how you’d like it.

HPW Motors specialises in selling high-performance wheel and tyre packages in Melbourne, which are specifically designed for your off-road adventures. With top-of-the-line brands on offer, we bet there's something for everyone.

Bigger and wider tyres give your ride the desired lift and enhanced visual appeal. And the fun doubles as you put them to the test on muddy terrain.

For the ambitious lot, we offer tyre sizes up to 20" to fit all types of dual-cabs in the Australian market. And we keep on adding to our collection to offer a wide variety to our customers.

As a safety measure, our aftermarket wheels match the load rating of stock wheels. So you can rest assured your insurer won’t leave you high and dry in case of damage due to rim failure.

Browse through our selection of wheel and tyre packages in Melbourne to pick your favourite from the lot. Best deals guaranteed. Buy now.

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