Air Suspension Helper Kit for Coil Springs High Pressure RAM 1500 4X4 COIL REAR



DODGE RAM 1500 1500 10-19

DODGE RAM 1500 1500 4X2, 4X4 COIL REAR 10-19

RAM 1500 10-19

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  • Airbag kit includes two airbags, high pressure sleeves, airbag end protectors, air line tubing and two inflation valves, full instructions included
    Can be shipped in POS carton in 5Kg air freight shipment

    High Pressure kit can support the Maximum Payload and Towing Weight allowable on this vehicle

    Airbags are fitted inside coil springs to provide load carrying assistance and are easily inflated or deflated to cater for the vehicle loading


    • Easy Fit Kit

      Fitment Time:

      • 120 minutes

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    Airbag Man has revolutionised the vehicle suspension industry allowing vehicles to carry load and tow more safely.

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